Destruction Gaming Charter

Destruction Gaming was founded on the principle of relaxed and friendly gaming. We are a community built on the basis of smart and fun gameplay.  To that end, we seek to play games in such a way that anyone can enjoy the game. We are always looking for smart and skilled players to join our community.  Overall, we are a community of players who seek a better gaming experience that is more fun and appealing to the players who want to win and have fun at the same time while surrounded by a good group of players. Apply today!

**A quick note about the rules below, they are not intended to be all-inclusive or overbearing. Instead they exist to apply structure to an open atmosphere. We want them to make it easier for us to be a dominant community in the gaming world and have a great reputation for fun and great players in the community at large.**


Community Goals

  1. Connection – We desire to grow.  This is mostly driven from our recruitment process but can also be found in our partnership with other communities like ours.  
  2. Correction – We call it correction because we do things differently here at [DG]. We play differently, we play better. We desire to help and teach new players through in-game advice and competent play, in all of our games we have players willing to help and come along side new players so they can have as much fun as everyone else.
  3. Expansion – Over time as the community grows we expect further partnerships and potentially opening up new servers, holding more regular contests with great prizes, and having our own tournaments.


General Rules

  1. No Cheating/Hacking/Exploiting – this would include any advantage gained through the seeking out of server/client exploits. This is a zero exception rule, if you are found to be cheating you will be removed and banned from both our community speech server and our game servers.
  2. No Racism/Excessive foul speech – you are all welcome to your opinions but you are not welcome to always voice those opinions when they are racist.  We all know what racism is, let’s not be those people. This rule like the one above is a zero exception rule. Any use of racial slurs or phrases will result in the immediate removal from the community. Excessively foul speech will be treated with a warning, than a suspension, temporary ban, than a permanent ban.  If an admin is not present during the incident please submit an official complaint with recordings if possible.
  3. Once you are in, you are in – any information regarding alerts or outfit business is expected to stay within the community. Leaving the community is a permanent decision that everyone is free to take as they please. Any member who leaves the community, in order to come back must restart the recruitment process. While having alternative players in other servers/guilds is not forbidden if you are spending more time in other groups you should consider your membership in jeopardy. Trust and loyalty are key characteristics that are taken very seriously.
  4. Present yourself with maturity – members will not engage in open chat (in server or teamspeak) in arguments or accusations of cheating or other violations.  If you have a problem with someone, please get the attention of the appropriate council who will moderate your issue and help pursue the right solution.
  5. Any server ran by Destruction Gaming shall be named as such – any advertisement of other communities without the express permission of a department head is strictly forbidden. It is the responsibility of every member to maintain this standard.  It is also all members responsibility to represent our community whenever possible.


Membership Information

Member Qualities

  1. Loyal and Honest above all
  2. Common Sense player
  3. Not an overly emotional player or an emotionless player
  4. Someone willing to learn from others and take advice even when unsolicited
  5. Skillful and Intelligent  (though not required, these are always sought after)

Recruitment Reminders

  1. Though not an exhaustive list, the above should be considered as a guideline for qualities that we look for in this community, each recruit should possess at least one if not many of these qualities
  2. Recruitment is not to make our community large but rather strong. We need to choose those people who we see getting along with others and spur on teamwork and common sense play.
  3. Players who do not show the qualities we look for in a member should not be sought after or even offered a position of any kind in our community regardless of skill. Remember the goal here is to make our community strong and known for our teamplay, good leadership, and our sense of humor, not for always having a platoon running or for having hundreds of players.


Community Member Ranks

  1. Executive Council – These are the founders of our community.  They lead Destruction Gaming because of their commitment to the community and the way they act and carry themselves.  These members have all the keys and make the high level decisions.
  2. Department Head – This group of members was specifically recruited by the Executive Council to take care of the daily needs of the community. Their role is to more closely manage the more general areas of recruitment, security, public relations, and administration.  They are the hands of the Executive Council and should be treated as such.
  3. Branch Council – These groups of people are charged to watch over the different communities within Destruction Gaming in greater detail than the Executive Council members.  They are usually admins within their games as well so they can help maintain the Destruction Gaming codes of conduct and recruitment processes. Each Council helps to direct the details of each branch (i.e. server options on dedicated servers, recruitment requirements, raid operations, etc).
  4. Moderator – Some larger gaming genres need more attention than just the branch council members can provide effectively. For that reason each Branch Council can, at their will, appoint moderators to help manage their areas of responsibility.  Their roles are determined by the council they were appointed by and will be resourced appropriately to that end (i.e. – given admin abilities and privileges in teamspeak).
  5. Advisor – This group of people bear the gold shield of the Executive Council.  They carry the gold shield in teamspeak so that they are recognized for their exceptional membership and contributions to the community at large. They act as the personal advisors to the Executive Council at large and contribute to the decision making process when asked. They carry no extra authority unless otherwise given by the Executive Council.
  6. Member – These are our full members.  For legal reasons they are required to be 18 for the protection of our members and those interested in becoming members. These members will be given access to our teamspeak server for use in community matters.
  7. Recruit – These are the new players and anyone under 18.  These players are able to be voted on for membership no sooner than 30 days after they applied to join (exceptions to be made for WoW as deemed necessary by the Councils involved). During their recruitment period, these members should be committed to spending time with the community as if they were a member and not be seen as someone who will violate community policy.


Communication Guidelines

General Guidelines

  1. Community voice server participation should be considered mandatory when playing in community controlled environments.  We recognize that some games are better when not having to listen to people talk in your ear but we only ask that if you are on WoW or in one of our dedicated servers that you make yourself accessible if you are needed or someone would like to talk with you.
  2. Please register on the Destruction Gaming website. This allows us to communicate effectively with the community as a whole so if there is vital and important information that you need to know we don’t need to track you all down individually.
  3. Though mics are not required they are strongly suggested. Not only does that make communication easier it makes joking around a lot more fun! We want this to be a community that knows each other and has fun playing and being able to communicate verbally is crucial.


TeamSpeak General Rules (for public Teamspeak channels)

  1. Our Teamspeak server is one of our most protected areas.  Public channels require a strict ruling when it comes to following the rules and codes of conduct of Destruction Gaming.  The rules of private channels are set by its owner.
  2. No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the server in the non-public areas in our server. This is for legal reasons and as such is not up for debate or discussion.  Anyone found to be lying about their age will be banned from the server and the community. From time to time exceptions are made on the basis of maturity.
  3. No excessively foul speech.  I know sometimes emotions run high or it gets really late at night but respecting those around you is an important value of this community. Excessively foul speech will be treated with a warning, than a suspension, temporary ban, than a permanent ban.  This rule will fall solely at the discretion of any admin in the server. If multiple admins are present they must agree on the action taken. If no admins are present a complaint must be filed with recordings if possible.


Community Meetings

  1. From time to time there will be community meetings that all members will be expected to attend if they are able.  These meetings will be held within our teamspeak server.
  2. These meetings will provide the community with valuable information, allow for voting for members admittance, training, promotions, etc. You won’t want to miss them.
  3. Special meetings will be called for the leadership to discuss community issues as needed. These will be held at least once a quarter.


Complaint Submission

  1. Should any member have an issue with a member they are to contact a council member about the matter with evidence or a coherent and factual story. From that point on expect the situation to be privately moderated by an admin in a private channel in the teamspeak server.
  2. Complaints can be submitted via the contact form found at or by directly messaging one of the founders below:


**Any amendment to this charter requires a unanimous agreement between all Executive Council Members and can be made at any time, this clause may never be removed**